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All intraterminal cargo movement is logged by specially designed and unique software ‘ANTWORK’ which was engineered and developed by BCT. This program meets the requirements of IATA standards and is easily integrated with global existent programs. It tracks every box, helps allocate resources efficiently and significantly reduce time for handling and most time consuming operations. It incorporates entire terminal’s operation into a single interface, and provides total information awareness of all processes going at BCT. It helps customers to obtain tracking information, view history of cargo arrival, processes landing requests and much more.

One of the features of this software is its “openness’, which allows communication with similar programs using standard telegrams. Due to adjusted data exchange procedures, the shipper can track his cargo movement, and the aircompany can trace movement of the aircraft, ULDs and containers in real-time mode.

Data exchange is performed automatically without involvment of the personnel, which increases efficiency of use of resources, decreases probability of mechanical mistakes and reduces message traffic.

Analytical abilities of the system allow synchronous evaluating of the probability of mistake during input of information, and in such case the system automatically generates email message and sends it to preselected users.

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